Meals We Made: Hearty Dishes

Each week I share our family's meal plan. Hopefully the time I spend planning makes your week easier.

This week's menu was filled with hearty, belly-warming meals.  Enjoy!

Making Meal Time: Weekly Meal Plan

Meal 1: Creamy Roasted Red Pepper and Cauliflower Soup from Closet Cooking

Served With: French Bread with Melted Cheese

Food Groups: Vegetarian

Meal 2: Cowboy Dinner from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Served with: Nothing!

Modifications: We doubled the beans to 2 cans, halved the beef (to 1 lb.), and added fresh spinach (about 3/4 of a bag of baby spinach). It turned out great. 

Food Groups: Meat (Beef)

Meal 3: Sesame Chicken Fingers with Spicy Orange Dipping Sauce from Simply Recipes

Served with: Crusty Parmesan Herb Zucchini Bites from According to Elle (and part of my 10 Simple Weeknight Side Dish round up)

Food Groups: Meat (Chicken)

Meal 4: Broccoli and Goat Cheese Quiche. I didn't use a recipe. If you need one, here's a close approximation from madcity girl.

Served with: Side Salad

Food Groups: Vegetarian

I just realized I went without a slow cooker recipe this week - that's practically unheard of around here. Fear not, there's a delicious slow cooker soup in next week's menu.

What are you cooking this week?




The Best Kept Secret for Feeding Babies

Y'all may have noticed that I didn't post a weekly meal plan this week. So sorry!  Here's the thing...I've traveled 3 out of the past 4 weeks for work and my third trimester pregnant body (and mind) is worn out. I'm barely getting myself out of bed to get to work in the morning so meal planning and cooking have fallen by the wayside. You know what though? I am so ok with it. There are seasons of life where you make do. Even with all the busyness, we've made time to sit down together which feels like a win to me. We may be eating a frozen pizza but we're doing it as a family  Anyway, no more travel until after my maternity leave so there's hope that normalcy will return around these parts least for a little while. Check back for a new meal plan on Monday!

On to the show...

Reusable Baby Food Pouches!

Reusable Pouches

I had mixed feelings about Nora starting solids. On the one hand, I was eager to see her preferences and take those disgusting, yet adorable, pictures of her covered in food. On the other hand, there was a glorious simplicity to the pre-food period that I knew I would miss. And miss it, I did. Planning and preparing baby food and bringing it with us when we went out added a whole new level of complexity to new parenthood.

Today I want to share the tool that eased my stress and made me feel like a pro during that time - the reusable pouch. It was, and continues to be, my favorite tool for feeding a baby and toddler and, yet, so many moms I know have never heard of it.

If you have a baby, you are familiar with disposable food pouches. There’s a lot to love about them - they are portable and allow kids to feed themselves with little to no mess (after a little practice). But, at $2 a pop for 60-80 calories worth of fruit puree, they are seriously pricey. I also question the nutritional value. Companies superheat the food in the pouches to ensure shelf stability. This process degrades most, if not all of the vitamins and minerals, which are then added back in the form of synthetic vitamins. Freshly made baby food is definitely a more nutritious option.

Enter the reusable pouch. Fill this sucker with homemade baby food and you get the portability and ease of the pouch while your baby gets the nutritional benefits of freshly made food.  Also, replacing disposable pouches with reusable saves a ton of money and eliminates a lot of unnecessary waste.

There are many brands of pouches out there, but I recommend The Little Green Pouch (affiliate link). It’s a mom owned company that puts a lot of detail into the design of the product. The pouches come in two sizes, are freezer and dishwasher safe, and babies love them! 

In my next post I’m going to share my favorite pouch friendly baby food recipes. Stay tuned!